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LVL Scaffold Planks

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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is one of the most common scaffold plank styles used on a
jobsite requiring stagging.
These laminated planks meet all conformance standards for OSHA and are tested rigorously
by their manufacturers.
They are very versatile walk boards and are usable in all conditions and are able to handle
the stress of heat, cold, snow and rain. Not to mention the heavy loads and constant
ycling of being put onto a job, being taken back down and repeating that process
again and again.

The lamination of the plank provide excellent strength and consistency,
they also have water-resistant adhesives and the ends are sealed to
help slow moisture uptake. All planks have a stamp showing that
it confirms to OSHA’s standards, the manufacturing date,
the mill it was made in and a proof-test confirming
it has been load tested.

Foch Feng

LVL Wood Scaffold Planks